About Me

Hello, Jackie here! I'm a senior computer science student at Northeastern University who's always seeking new challenges and opportunities for adventure. I’m currently taking courses on machine learning and data mining, database design, journalism, and environmental science. This past summer, I completed an internship at Square where I did full-stack web development with Ember.js and Ruby on Rails on the Disputes and Risk Experience team.

I’m passionate about data science, machine learning, and backend software engineering.

My goal is to always be improving as a person and a professional. That's why I have a Level-Up List.

I spend my free time hanging out with friends, searching for the perfect cufflink/necktie/brogue shoe combo, and shaking up quality cocktails. If you ever see me at a tech conference, say hello! I’m the really short one with lots of energy.

Fun fact: I once caught a Pokemon while trekking a glacier in Argentina.



  • Python
  • Node.js
  • Java
  • Objective-C
  • C (some exposure)


  • npm, Express, Mocha, Chai, Istanbul, ESLint
  • Git and Github
  • Terminal (Linux/Unix)
  • Travis and Jenkins (Continuous Integration)
  • JIRA and Confluence
  • Primary IDEs: Atom, RStudio, Xcode


  • R: lubridate, stringr
  • PyData stack: NumPy, pandas, matplotlib
  • Microsoft Excel
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB


  • API creation
  • Test-driven development (TDD)
  • Data acquisition and cleaning
  • Data visualization
  • Descriptive & basic predictive analytics
  • iOS development


Square, Inc., San Francisco, California (Summer 2017)
Software Engineering Intern - Disputes and Risk Experience (Full-stack)

Square, Inc., San Francisco, California (January - April 2016)
Software Engineering Intern - Reader Experience (iOS)

Galatea Associates, Somerville, Massachusetts (January - June 2015)
Software Development Co-op

What's a Level-Up List?

It’s a mixture of difficult challenges in the style of Joel Runyon’s Impossible List and skill-building goals designed to help me grow. As I complete things, they’ll be crossed off and replaced with harder challenges. Here's a preview:

Get In Touch

I'm always interested in hearing about data science and software engineering opportunities (including pro bono work for nonprofits!), so feel free to email me to start a conversation.

If you want to chat about Ancient Rome, personal finance, travel hacking, craft cocktails, or the state of American politics, tweet at me.

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